Image of Mahan Rishi

Cleanse Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Mahan Rishi

Dr Khalsa will provide an environment of self discovery and self-reflection as you begin to clear the food and thoughts which limit your full potential.  As you detoxify various organs and glands, you will not only lose weight, you will develop a new relationship with food, the environment and yourself.  With these cleanse sessions you will have the opportunity to awaken a deeper part of yourself, revealing your vitality and optimum well-being.  Each session offers practical ways and teachings for living a transformative life of wellness and peace. 

Image of Courtney

Clear Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Courtney

In three 60-minute coaching sessions, we’ll explore your questions and develop strategies to meet your Clear needs.  These sessions will be most effective after you’ve completed all three training videos.

Image of Andrea

Connect Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Andrea

In three, 60-minute coaching sessions we will explore your Connection to yourself, others and your community. We will begin with your original M-Source Connection that provides a space of Abundance and Empowers you to make authentic Connections. These sessions will be most effective after you’ve reviewed all three video classes. This process will provide you with strategies to live a more Connected, Abundant and Empowered life.

Image of Gina

Create Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Gina

In three 60-minute coaching sessions, we’ll focus on celebrating and moving you forward creatively through encouragement, compassion, and acceptance. These sessions are designed to disarm the brain’s fear response by using small steps in a kind and gentle manner so you can experience small creative wins. Every session includes an experience designed to catch your resistance off-guard and build creative momentum that gets you excited to get to your creativity. Sessions will be available to book at the following times: Weekdays after 4 PM CST plus Weekends and one Friday per month from 9 AM – 3:00 PM CST. It is recommended to book at least one week between coaching sessions.

Image of Monica

Do Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Monica

Three 60-minute sessions

Coaching sessions are available Monday-Friday, some evening appointments are available after 7:30 PM EST.

Image of Brighid

Intuit Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Brighid

In three 60-minute coaching sessions, we’ll explore your questions and develop strategies related to cultivating intuitive wisdom in your daily life. You’ll receive insight, support, and practical tools for creating an effective way to work with your energy so you can tap into your deep inner knowing. These sessions will be most effective after you’ve reviewed the video lesson for each phase. You may choose to schedule a coaching session after you’ve completed all three training videos.

Image of Manjot

Meditate Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Manjot

In three 60-minute coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to work individually on establishing a meditation practice that works for you. In session one, we will discuss your personal experience of the meditate module and what resonated and/or challenged you in your experiences of silent awareness meditation, the sacred sound current and Kundalini meditations. We will determine where you would like to go deeper and if you have specific areas of your internal landscape that meditation can assist in bringing you greater peace, calm and balance.

Image of Karina

Move Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Karina

In three 60-minute coaching sessions we will:

  1. Discover Awareness and Awaken to where you move with ease and where you are stuck in your body and in life.
  2. Discover Clarity around what you want, why you want it and what having that will do for you; how to create Balance, and stay Centered and Grounded especially during challenging times.
  3. Discover a plan of Action to move you forward from within so you can enjoy your body, your life and your relationships.

Each Coaching session relates to its respective class and is designed to be scheduled for after the movement experience. All that you need to do is to show up, be open to coaching, and ready for change. Sessions can be booked Monday-Wednesday between 7PM-9PM and Saturday between 10AM-12PM CDT.

Image of Tyx

Nourish Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Tyx

In three 60-minute conversational sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to identify goals during our first session and review strengths and former wins regarding nourishment. In the second session we will review our goals, share hurdles, and develop strategies and action items. Season three will review goals and process updates on experience working with those goals. We will reevaluate goals based on personal perception of progress, and explore the benefits and shortcomings of our current approach to nourishment. A brief summary and action items will be provided by email concluding each session. Sessions will be scheduled M/T/W 11a-3p PST and Sundays 3p-6p PST.

Image of MP

Rest Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with MP

In three 60-minute coaching sessions we’ll address your needs relative to the Rest, Release, and Rise phases. We’ll explore your questions and develop strategies related to alleviating physical exhaustion, mental and emotional exhaustion, and spiritual or “life purpose” exhaustion. These sessions will be most effective after you’ve reviewed the video lesson for each phase. You may choose to schedule a coaching session while you’re in your daily practice of the yoga nidras for each phase, or after you’ve completed all three phases and their associated yoga nidra practices for 7-10 days each.

Image of Jeanette

Strengthen Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Jeanette

Three 50 min sessions
In these sessions, we will explore your personal strengthening goals, and create sustainable steps and actions to best achieve them utilizing a holistic approach. Sessions are best scheduled after you have completed the Strengthen module.

Image of Gururaj

Stretch Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Gururaj

Three 60-minute sessions

Image of Michael

Think Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Michael David

Through three transformative and revelatory, 60-minute coaching sessions, we will dive into the work necessary to decolonize our minds. We’ll investigate destructive roots of cyclical and habitual patterns that work to keep us stuck in unhappiness and contempt. Through a combination of coaching, curiosity, and surrender, we will answer your questions, contextualize your experiences, and apply holistic approaches to overcome harmful patterns of resistance. 

When you are ready to challenge your senses and build a decolonization practice, you can schedule a coaching session. Coaching sessions are available beginning October 26, 2022 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Image of Kanjana

Breathe Coaching: One-on-One Coaching with Kanjana

Breathe Coaching is not available at this time.

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