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Karina Fireheart (she/her) is the Move module leader. She creates a safe, loving, supportive environment to help clients Move, feel comfortable in their own skin, transform their bodies and their energy; so they can live a life that they love.  Karina started dancing at the age of 3. At the age of 18, she went on to a professional performing career in musical theatre. She has performed off-Broadway, on a cruise Ship, in world premier musicals, and both national and international Tours. She has over 25 years as a movement educator, transformational breath work facilitator, interfaith minister, healer and heart warrior. Karina is a Certified Health and Life Coach, Transformational Coaching Method Mastery Coach, and Movement Specialist.

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Karina is featured on episode S1E8 of the Radikal Life Podcast, airing Wednesday, October 5, 2022. 

Move Module

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Our bodies were designed to move. In this technological age of sitting, it is important to move our bodies even more. Bodies have become sedentary and stiff. Move addresses these challenges through stretching, directed and guided movement, as well as self-directed free flowing movement. Accessing the body’s wisdom to inform us how our unique body wants and desires to move.

Class 1: Awaken the Body

Get to know where you are stiff or have a decrease in range of motion, and where you flow and have flexibility.

Class 2: Grounding, Centering, & Balancing he Body

Explore what it feels like to move from a grounded, centered and balanced place.

Class 3: Moving From Within

Explore movement that is generated internally and comes from the body instead of the mind.

Move Coaching Add-On: One-on-One Coaching with Karina

In three 60-minute coaching sessions we will:

  1. Discover Awareness and Awaken to where you move with ease and where you are stuck in your body and in life.
  2. Discover Clarity around what you want, why you want it and what having that will do for you; how to create Balance, and stay Centered and Grounded especially during challenging times.
  3. Discover a plan of Action to move you forward from within so you can enjoy your body, your life and your relationships.

Each Coaching session relates to its respective class and is designed to be scheduled for after the movement experience. All that you need to do is to show up, be open to coaching, and ready for change. Sessions can be booked Monday-Wednesday between 7PM-9PM and Saturday between 10AM-12PM CDT.


The manual for optimal being-ness is a guide to enhance your well being. The modules are not intended to diagnose or treat specific conditions. If you are experiencing disordered eating patterns, dysmorphia, dysphoria, or other body image distortions, and/or are engaging in habitual excessive exercise, please visit Radikal Healing to schedule an appointment with a licensed mental health professional. 

Before beginning a new movement practice or physical activity, it is wise to consult a health care professional for a health screening.

These classes assume that you are able to stand for close to an hour. We recognize that this is not possible for all bodies. Consider trying these classes in another position, for example seated in a chair or another variation that is accessible. Please note that the videos do not offer cueing for variations to standing. We expect to release updated versions of the videos in late November 2022 that include picture in picture with a person doing the movements in a seated position.

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