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Tyx (he/him) is a community educator in the rural foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Second generation restauranteur, Tyx was raised by waitresses and nourished by the family culture of radical hospitality and sacred commerce. As a result, Tyx is a natural host, charming guests from near and far. Alongside his mother and brother, Tyx continues to manage the colorful cafe, a precious oasis welcoming hungry guests as they explore California’s Gold Country.

Tyx serves as President of the TriCounty LGBT Alliance, facilitating community-based social and support groups for LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and seniors. He is engaged in the fight for equity in public education and the California mental health care system, and is an passionate advocate for the safety and life quality of the unhoused.

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Tyx is featured on episode S1E10 of the Radikal Life Podcast.

Nourish Module

Nourish Action Shot Nourishment is an invitation to partner with the universe to better position ourselves to navigate this life.  Let’s work together to develop personal practices that strengthen our connection with sources of nourishment and engage our instincts to manifest a nourishing environment for ourselves.

Class 1: Nourishing Ourselves

I’ll introduce myself, my garden, and the foothills where I live in rural northern California.

Class 2: Nourishing Tradition

Join me in my mom’s kitchen where we bake Irish soda bread together. Then venture to our family’s restaurant, Rosebuds Café, where we share this tradition with our patrons.

Class 3: Nourishment at Home and Away

Let’s explore local food options and how they play a part in the home kitchen. Then we’ll connect what is grown in our region to what’s available in our local restaurants and grocery stores.

Nourish Coaching Add-On: One-on-One Coaching with Tyx

In three 60-minute conversational sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to identify goals during our first session and review strengths and former wins regarding nourishment. In the second session we will review our goals, share hurdles, and develop strategies and action items. Season three will review goals and process updates on experience working with those goals. We will reevaluate goals based on personal perception of progress, and explore the benefits and shortcomings of our current approach to nourishment. A brief summary and action items will be provided by email concluding each session. Sessions will be scheduled M/T/W 11a-3p PST and Sundays 3p-6p PST.


The manual for optimal being-ness is a guide to enhance your well being. The modules are not intended to diagnose or treat specific conditions. If you are experiencing disordered eating patterns, dysmorphia, dysphoria, or other body image distortions, and/or are engaging in habitual excessive exercise, please visit Radikal Healing to schedule an appointment with a licensed mental health professional.

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