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Marina Patrice Vare (they/them/MP) is an IAYT certified yoga therapist and certified Daring to Rest™ yoga nidra facilitator. MP serves folks who are feeling disconnected, disengaged, or disembodied as they learn to (re)inhabit their bodies and lives. 

MP is queer, white, neurodiverse, larger bodied, and trans non-binary. Their private practice, Sweet Perfection Yoga Therapy, specializes in serving folks navigating transitions and milestones, healing from interpersonal trauma, and during their family building journeys. MP welcomes opportunities to serve the LGBTQIA+ and polyamorous communities.

MP completed their comprehensive yoga therapy training at YogaLife Institute in Wayne, PA and earned the C-IAYT credential in July 2019. In June 2021, MP became a certified pregnancy yoga teacher by completing Amala School of Yoga’s 95-hour prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training. They completed their 200-hour yoga teacher training at Blue Banyan Yoga in Philadelphia, PA. MP previously earned their MBA at Chapman University, and retired from a 17-year career in higher education finance in 2021. 

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MP hosts our weekly Radikal Life Podcast.

Rest Module

Rest Action Shot In the Rest Module, we’ll journey through the three phases of Daring to Rest™. We begin with the Rest phase to address physical exhaustion. Then we progress to the Release phase to alleviate mental and emotional exhaustion. We’ll conclude with the Rise phase to relieve “life purpose” exhaustion. Each class in this module will include a yoga nidra practice. Participants are encouraged to commit to a daily practice for 21-40 days as they work their way through this module.

 Class 1: Rest

Our Rest class introduces yoga nidra, explores rest as self-care, and offers guidance for creating your personal practice. 

Class 2: Release

Our Release class explores rest shame, holding opposites, and the fourth state of sleep.

Class 3: Rise

Our Rise class explores “life purpose” exhaustion, whole-person leadership, and cultivating a well-rested lifestyle.

Rest Coaching Add-On: One-on-one coaching with MP

In three 60-minute coaching sessions we’ll address your needs relative to the Rest, Release, and Rise phases. We’ll explore your questions and develop strategies related to alleviating physical exhaustion, mental and emotional exhaustion, and spiritual or “life purpose” exhaustion. These sessions will be most effective after you’ve reviewed the video lesson for each phase. You may choose to schedule a coaching session while you’re in your daily practice of the yoga nidras for each phase, or after you’ve completed all three phases and their associated yoga nidra practices for 7-10 days each.


The manual for optimal being-ness is a guide to enhance your well being. The modules are not intended to diagnose or treat specific conditions. If you are experiencing sleep disorders, nightmares, and/or insomnia, please visit Radikal Healing to schedule an appointment with a licensed mental health professional.
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