If you or someone you know is on the journey to bring your life from functional to fabulous, there are resources to help with that. One virtual platform is Radikal Life. The project at Radikal Life is the manual for optimal being-ness. Radikal Life is a collaboration of leaders in wholeness and wellness coming together to deliver content in a virtual platform related to cultivating optimal being-ness. -5 Ways to Live in Optimal Wellness by Marielle Spero

Congrats also to PFP members Marina Patrice Vare (they/them/MP) and Manjot Singh Khalsa (he/him) on launching their co-creation Radikal Life, a podcast and The Manual for Optimal Being-ness. Their collaboration was born from their mutual connection to PFP! -Philadelphia Family Pride

From Our Module Leaders

Connection is Real by Andrea Durham, Esq., BSW, Radikal Life Connect Module Leader

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